Jobs in PR is the Publicity Club of Chicago employment source for job openings, resumes and services, and career or job questions.

As a valuable membership benefit, PCC members can post free to “Jobs in PR”—as often as you like! All others can post for a $75 fee per submission, invoiced through Publicity Club of Chicago.

Reach hundreds of qualified job seekers in public relations, communications, public affairs, marketing, digital analytics, web content and more.

The only rule? Posts must be specific to the public relations or marketing communications industries. Acceptable postings are job openings, situations wanted, freelance service promotion and career advice sought.

We review all submissions before posting, and reserve the right to limit excessive, inappropriate or off-topic submissions.

Once approved, your post goes out in front of PR and communications hiring managers, job seekers and other PCC members who subscribe to “Jobs in PR.”

To submit your posting for “Jobs in PR,” please contact DONNA LAKE, PCC ADMINISTRATOR, at office@publicity.org or call 773.463.5560.

Please note:

  • PCC members can submit unlimited posts at no cost, pending post approval.

  • Non-PCC members who submit a post will be invoiced $75 upon post approval. Join PCC in the next 60 days after posting, and your $75 “Jobs in PR” fee will be applied toward the cost of your annual membership dues!
  • Turn around to post a job is 72 hours or less.
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