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3 Keys to Perfectly Pricing Your Services



Pricing your services is one of the most frustrating and important parts of your business. There is so much bad information out there that it can feel overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

In this training, Craig Severinsen, an experienced consultant for small businesses and entrepreneurs, will show you three steps to perfectly price your services so that customers beg to purchase your services. Through this training you’ll learn how you can easily add 6-figures to your income this year with perfect pricing.

This exclusive presentation will enable you to:

  • The Three Steps For Perfectly Pricing Your Services. In order to turn more leads into customers, you have to understand the path the client takes to hire you. We’ll break down each of the 3 steps to pricing your services, and show you how to strengthen each of them.
  • The #1 Thing You Need to Consider When Pricing Your Services. There is one element you need to consider above everything else in order to ensure that people actually purchase your services, and if you get this right – you’ll win.
  • Best Practices for Making Your Services Irresistible. Learn how to position your services so that your clients are dying to pay you and get started in your services.
  • How to Take the Confusion out of Pricing. Discover the process to packaging your services so that your clients have a clear vision of how you can work together (resulting in more sales!).

After this workshop you will feel energized with a newfound sense of purpose for your business. You’ll know exactly what to do next in order to fast-track your business and start making more money immediately.

About Craig Severinsen

Craig Severinsen is a specialist in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs attract more clients for their business. He helps people to grow their business faster than they think possible so that they can focus on what they really love.
Craig got his start in Marketing working for the Walt Disney Company. Since then, Walt Disney has been one of Craig’s greatest heroes for his vision, innovation and commitment to excellence.
After Disney, Craig headed up the Marketing, PR and Fundraising for a large nonprofit in Utah. There, Craig found it was not uncommon for other nonprofits to see his success, and ask for advice. Soon, he found that he was in the position to help all of the area nonprofits to raise more money. Thus, a passion for helping others to perform at their peak levels was born.
Soon after, Craig felt the urge to own his own business. So, Craig founded Bright Works PR and Marketing, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs win. Craig has honed his skills and his methods in order to help others to grow their business quickly. Craig’s programs are dedicated to helping struggling entrepreneurs grow their business, so they can finally relax knowing they are financially secure.
Based out of the greater St. Louis area, Craig lives with his wife and four kids. Together, they are constantly exploring new sports and hobbies.

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Wed. Oct. 16, 2018

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