65th Annual Golden Trumpet Awards List of Winners
News Oct 4, 2023

Congratulations to all of the winners at the 65th Annual Golden Trumpet Awards! This list represents the full list of winners.

Platinum Award Winner

TimeZoneOne - Illinois: The Middle of Everything (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Other Top Ten Finalists - *Denotes Top Five Campaign

American Medical Association - Recovery Plan for America's Physicians

*C-Strategies Inc - Passing the Protect Illinois Communities Act

*Edelman - Action Builds Community

*Flowers Communications Group and Magnify Strategies - DNC Our Future is Created Here

L.C. Williams & Associates - Influencing DIYers to Support Retailers

MacStrategies Group - IMA – Makers Madness 2022

Tier One Partners - Establishing Gaming Tech in Healthcare

Zapwater Communications - Reintroducing Accor Hotels to the Windy City

*Zeno Group - Chief Ball Officers

Gold and Silver Trumpet Winners

*Campaigns that are bolded received a Gold Trumpet award. All other campaigns received a Silver Trumpet.

Advocate Health Care

COVID Vaccination Under 5 Campaign (Community Relations)

Health Care Meets Brand Journalism (Publications)

Innovatively Sharing Health Content (Social Media)

Multi-Dimensional COVID-19 Internal Communications (Internal Communications)

Trusted Health Care DE&I Leader (Annual Reports)

Agency H5

BRACH’S Holiday Sweetness Swap (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Laffy Taffy’s Summer of Laff-Ter ( Marketing - Food & Beverage)


Blue Bunny PTO: Go Have Fun (Integrated Marketing Communications)

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting Media Program (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

AAOS 2022 Annual Report: Better Together (Annual Reports)

AAOS Launches IDEA Grant Program (Integrated Marketing Communications)

American Association of Endodontists

AAE Steps Up Its Instagram Game in 2022 (Social Media)

American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology

AANA: Power in Membership (Content Marketing)

American Medical Association

Recovery Plan for America's Physicians (COVID-19 - Recovery)

American Society of Retina Specialists

See for a Lifetime (Advocacy)

American Veterinary Medical Association

AVMA/Journey for Teams (Internal Communications)


Mobilizing Community Through Wabash Rebrand (Special Events)

Wabash Partners with Feeding America (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Avila Creative, Inc.

LPC Clearer Heights: ESG Report 2022 (Corporate Social Responsibility)

McDONALD’S 2021-2022 GLOBAL DEI ANNUAL REPORT (Annual Reports)

RSM 2022 Diversity Report (Publications)

Big Splash Public Relations



C-Strategies Inc

Launching Ali Day In Illinois (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Passing the Protect Illinois Communities Act (Public Affairs)

Protect Illinois Communities: The Rally (Special Events)

Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

BACP Small Business Expos (Special Events)

Be Informed. Be Protected. Campaign (Multicultural Campaigns)

Chicago Loop Alliance

Sundays on State 2022 (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

2022 Chicago Loop Alliance Impact Report (Annual Reports)

Chicago White Sox

White Sox Amateur City Elite (Community Relations)

White Sox CHISOX Athlete Program (Marketing - Branding)

College of American Pathologists

Eliminating Health Disparities Campaign (Community Relations)


Porsche x Pretty Cool Ice Cream (Marketing - Branding)

Porsche x Pretty Cool Ice Cream (Marketing - Consumer/Lifestyle and Special Events)

Spirit Airlines: Crisis Communication Strategy (Crisis Communication)

Spirit Airlines: Creating Positive Brand Sentiment (Media Relations - Corporate)


Action Builds Community (Annual Reports)

Ferrero North America and Flowers Communications Group

Famous Amos: Ingredients for Success (Corporate Social Responsibility and Multicultural Campaigns)

Flowers Communications Group

A Historic Billion Dollar Jackpot (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

ComEd’s Multicultural Media Relations Efforts (Media Relations - Corporate)

CPD - The Legacy Will Forever Soar (Video)

Honda Battle of the Bands (Social Media)

Illinois Lottery Holiday Toy Drive (Special Events)

Partnering to Feed Communities (Community Relations)

Poetry Foundation’s 2022 Pegasus Awards (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Flowers Communications Group and Magnify Strategies

DNC Our Future is Created Here (Video)

GoldStar Communications

Walgreens Expressions Challenge (Community Relations)


Allstate Good Sips Mocktails (Expert Campaigns)

GreenMark Media

Leadership Playbook (Marketing - Business to Business and Business Services)

The Gardener's Toolbox (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Hawthorne Strategy Group

Amplifying Voices for Social Change (Integrated Civic Communications)

Promoting School Choice in Indiana (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications

Chicago Department of Public Health (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Sankofa Wellness Village (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

John G. Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium Launches Centennial Commitment (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

The Answer Lives at Shedd (Marketing - Branding)

L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA)

Advocating for Permanent Standard Time (Advocacy)

Influencing DIYers to Support Retailers (Expert Campaigns)

Laughlin Constable

Nature Museum Launches Indoor PlaySpace (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Mac Strategies Group

IMA - Makers on the Move (Special Events)

IMA – Makers Madness 2022 (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

IMA - Manufacturing Matters Illinois (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

IRMA Responds – Organized Retail Crime (Public Affairs)

Protecting Illinois’ Video Gaming Industry (Video)

Maureen Schulman Public Relations Inc

Nick Cave x Eli's Cheesecake Collaboration (Marketing - Food & Beverage)

Mekky Media Relations

Mekky Media Takes Red Bull Flugtag to New Heights (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Metropolitan Peace Initiatives

CVI Is Combatting Gun Violence in Chicago (Video)

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Imagine a Day Without Water Video & Essay Contest (Community Relations)

Morreale Communications

Alzheimer’s Early Detection Branding Campaign (Marketing - Branding)

Funding Illinois Community Health Workers (Public Affairs)

Inclusive Strategy Garners Major Results (Community Relations)

Nourishing Hope

Nourishing Hope Rebrand (Marketing - Branding)

O'Malley Hansen Communications

Manna Pro Products Rebrands to Compana Pet Brands (Media Relations - Business to Business and Business Services and Media Relations - Corporate)

Old Wisconsin Sausage Celebrates 75 Years (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Sharing Ministry 40th Anniversary at OLPH Church (Special Events)

Porter Novelli

Chicagoland McDonald’s Crew Storytelling (Video)

Public Communications Inc.

AAIC: Amplifying Science and Hope (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Chimpanzees in Need: An Urgent Rescue Campaign (Integrated Civic Communications)

Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives (Marketing - Healthcare/Medical)

Giving USA Annual Report 2022 (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Reaching New Heights: AAOS 2022 (Marketing - Business to Business and Business Services)

Retinal Disease Awareness Through Marketing (Marketing - Healthcare/Medical)

Supporting Equity in Genetic Counseling (Social Media)

Purple Group

Enjoy Local! (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Resolute Public Affairs

Standing Up for Democracy in Poland (Public Affairs)

The Music Soars Above the City (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Richter Studios

Flyer - Folding Cargo Electric Bike (Video)

"Larry On A Mission" Commercial (Video)


Obsidian Stories (Community Relations)

The Journey Continues (Advocacy)

Rudd Resources LLC

Forest Preserves Public Awareness Campaign (Advocacy)

IFF, Propel Coffee Talk Series (Community Relations)

Illinois Peace Project (Integrated Civic Communications)

Opening of Go Green Fresh Market in Englewood (Special Events)


The Ark Expands in Rogers Park (Media Relations - Nonprofit)

Tapestry 360 Health

Unveiling Tapestry 360 Health (Integrated Civic Communications)


TEAM LEWIS x ASCM: Making Supply Chains Cool (Media Relations - Business to Business and Business Services)

The Anti-Cruelty Society

The Anti-Cruelty Society Beagle Rescue (Video)

The Harbinger Group

Meeting the Demand for EV Charging Infrastructure (Content Marketing)

Spotlighting Illinois’ Biotech Growth (Media Relations - Corporate)

The University of Chicago

The Day Tomorrow Began (Marketing - Branding)

Tier One Partners

Driving Martech’s Data Privacy Evolution (Media Relations - Business to Business and Business Services)

Establishing Gaming Tech in Healthcare (Media Relations - Business to Business and Business Services)


All In Illinois ‘On The Fence’ Campaign (Advocacy, Content Marketing, COVID-19 - Recovery, Integrated Civic Communications and Video)

Illinois: The Middle of Everything (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Travelers, start your engines! (Special Events)

TvS Media Group LLC

R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" Turns 30 (Expert Campaigns)

Vicarious Multimedia

ILCMA Explore Local Government Careers (Video)

Virginia Mann Group

ECHO powers 50th anniversary (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

William Everett

Innovative Support for Community Organizations (Community Relations)

Wyn-Win Communications & Si! Communications

Wellness West’s Rebranding Campaign

Wyn-Win Communications

Healthcare Forward: Training and Jobs (Community Relations)

Zapwater Communications

DE L’EUROPE AMSTERDAM CELEBRATES 125TH ANNIVERSARY (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Expanding Winterland at Gallagher Way (Special Events)

Growing New Gardeners Post-Pandemic Boom (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)

Reintroducing Accor Hotels to the Windy City (Marketing - Consumer/Lifestyle)

Removing Stigmas Surrounding Women’s Wellness (Media Relations - Business to Consumer)


Skydeck Becomes Chicago’s Biggest Cheerleader (Social Media)

SKYDECK CHICAGO: FROM STREET TO SKY (Marketing - Consumer/Lifestyle)



Zeno Group

Chief Ball Officers (Expert Campaigns)

Oscar Mayer Meatifying Beauty (Marketing - Food & Beverage)

Rebranding The DuSable Museum (Marketing - Branding)

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