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News May 10, 2024

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The promo graphic for this newsletter has been updated to reflect the new Late Pricing Deadline of Tuesday, June 4. 

Friday, May 24 is now the regular pricing deadline. Visit the Golden Trumpet Awards page for more information.

Speed Pitching with the Media: Thursday, May 16

Every communications, marketing and public relations professional should be able to make a pitch in a quick and efficient manner. Next week, on Thursday, May 16, you can put yourself to the test.

Join us and the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field for Speed Pitching with the Media. 10+ journalists will be on hand to listen to your pitches in fast, one-on-one conversations.

What if you don’t have a pitch to make? You can still hit a home run by enjoying the networking and refreshments in the Winstrust Scout Lounge. Don’t miss the chance to be on-field for your stellar photo opportunity either. Some attendees from last year’s event have their photos displayed on their office walls and they definitely shared them across their content channels.

Full Event Timeline

4:00pm-5:00pm | On-field Photo Opportunity with the 2005 World Series Trophy (Weather Pending)/Networking and Refreshments

5:00pm-6:30pm | Speed Pitching Program/Networking and Refreshments

6:30pm-7:00pm | Light Networking and Close

Get on the field. Get in the pitching game. Or just simply make new connections. This is a fastball right down the plate. It’s up to you to decide if you are going to take a swing | Register for Speed Pitching with the Media

Golden Trumpet Awards Entry Deadline: Friday, May 24

The Golden Trumpet Awards have honored the best of the best for over six decades. Does that mean that we will be honoring you this year? What did you even do last year if it doesn’t?

For the cleanup hitters, entries for this year’s Golden Trumpet Awards competition are open through Friday, May 24.

Looking for more information to get started? We have just the resources for you.

Categories - Review this year's categories. There are some changes from last year's competition.

Eligibility & Rules - While the rules remain the same, new and old entrants can always learn more.

Tips - Here are some helpful hints that have been collected over the years.

Ready to step up to the plate? Click below to take your place in the batter’s box | Golden Trumpet Awards Portal

PCC Membership in May

If you feel like the count is 0-2, don’t worry, there’s still one more opportunity for you to engage. Join PCC as a member or encourage someone else to join our ranks.

All PCC members have enjoyed the option of attending the following events just in 2024:

Complimentary Media Studio Tours

-*NewsNation Tour featuring conversation with:

Andy Gipson, NewsNation: Rush Hour Executive Producer

Nick Smith, Morning in America National Correspondent

Kelsey Kernstine, Morning in America National Correspondent

Marni Hughes, NewsNation Live Anchor

Alex Caprariello, National Correspondent

Carla Kariott, NewsNation Live Executive Producer

-*Crain’s Chicago Business Tour featuring conversation with:

Ann Dwyer, Editor 

Jim Kirk, Publisher

Event Series

-Communicating Mental Health: Best Practices and Beyond

-*Networking at the Des Plaines Theatre

-*Networking at the Italian Village’s Bar Sotto

Occasional Invite

-*Talk to PCC members about our semi-secret event in March; the event was so special we can’t put it in writing

*Indicates the event was complimentary. Member tickets for the Communicating Mental Health panel were $10.

All of those events had member pricing for each level of PCC membership.

The higher levels of membership provide complimentary job postings and additional discounts on all Golden Trumpet Awards items. Corporate Gold membership even provides two complimentary Golden Trumpet Awards entries, a $600 discount.

Corporate membership covers up to 10 of your team members and Corporate Gold membership covers up to 20. If you are ready to bring yourself or bring a whole baseball team* into PCC membership, we are here to help you get started.

*This is a figurative offer. While MLB roster types are 26-player and 40-player, expanding your PCC Corporate roster to a size larger than 10 or 20 is not allowed without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

Sign up for PCC Membership or email office@publicity.org with questions.

The full PCC newsletter always includes Industry News as well. Sign up for the newsletter on our homepage or write us at office@publicity.org to make sure your newsletter subscription is up to date.

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